About Us



Enhanced Hygiene solutions (EHS) is a fully registered company incorporated under the Companies Act Chapter 24:03 of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

EHS was established in May 2015 to carry out the business of processing, supplying industrial and domestic hygiene equipment, consumables and chemicals, cleaning services and pest management. EHS is an exclusive distributor of Clean Master range of premium quality Products.
EHS provides solutions to hygiene problems through customised training and consultancy in Hygiene, Food safety management systems (implementation and auditing), Pest management, Waste collection/Management, Contract and once-off enhanced cleaning services.
EHS sells a wide range of innovative hygiene products such as Digital air freshener, hot air hand dryers, sanitizers, sanitary bins (Supply and rentals), Waste care bins, Bin-liners and Wet wipes, Electric fly traps and automatic hygiene systems to mention a few.


To be most sought after provider of excellent hygiene consultancy services and superior hygiene products.


To provide premium quality hygiene products and excellent hygiene solution services for our valued customers globally for healthier nations.


These are important and lasting beliefs shared by the members of our organization about what is good or bad and what is desirable and undesirable.  These are principles that guide our organization’s internal conducts as well as its relationship with customers, suppliers, shareholders and any stakeholders.

Our Ten core values are

  • Best quality
  • Environmental Sensitiveness
  • Diligence
  • Thoroughness
  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Intellectual curiosity to embrace diversity
  • Continuous improvement
  • (The act of sincerity and focussed purpose)